Poker Table Gaming Chair


Embark on a Gaming Odyssey with Dallas Custom Poker Tables’ Modern Poker Seating:

In the heart of every poker game lies a story, and at Dallas Custom Poker Tables, we’ve crafted an epic narrative with our Modern Poker Seating. Picture yourself settling into the sleek contours of ergonomic excellence, a lumbar support symphony that ensures every hand you play is done with absolute comfort.

Our game room chairs aren’t just pieces of furniture; they are the protagonists of your poker nights. As you sink into the premium seating, the modern design unfolds around you, creating an ambiance that’s both contemporary and luxurious. It’s more than a chair; it’s a statement piece that elevates your gaming space into a realm of sophistication.

The lumbar support in our Modern Poker Seating is like a plot twist you never saw coming—a game-changer that transforms marathon poker sessions into a comfortable narrative. The sleek gaming chairs, designed with a focus on premium materials, become the backbone of your gaming story. The durability of these chairs ensures that they stand the test of time, ready for every chapter of your poker adventures.

Picture this: a game room where comfort meets style, where the statement furniture speaks volumes about your dedication to the game. The versatile design seamlessly integrates into any gaming setup, whether you’re a seasoned poker pro or just starting your gaming journey. These chairs are more than just comfortable poker chairs; they are essential characters in your poker room upgrade.

At Dallas Custom Poker Tables, our commitment extends beyond crafting furniture; we’re here to script an immersive gaming experience for you. As you indulge in the luxury of our Modern Poker Seating, you’re not just upgrading your game room; you’re writing a new chapter in the book of luxury gaming.

Ready to embrace the extraordinary? Order our Modern Poker Seating online and become the author of a poker story where comfort and style are the central characters. Because when it comes to poker, your chair should be a leading figure in the tale of your gaming triumphs. Trust Dallas Custom Poker Tables for a seat that redefines the way you play.


Gaming Deluxe Black on Black Poker Chair Specs
Premium poker chairs with the following features
• 4” thick high density seat foam
• Black enhanced leather seat & back
• Black pleated enhanced leather accent on seat & back
• Adjustable height chairs w/ a swivel base
* 14 degree recline
• 2” casters on a 5 star (Black) base, rated 350 lbs.
• Seat: 19.7″d x 18.5”w x 18.7 to 23″h
Back; 36”x41”h 35 lbs.



At Dallas Custom Poker Tables, we believe in enhancing your gaming experience while providing unbeatable value. Elevate your game room to new heights and enjoy exclusive discounts when you place large orders for our Modern Poker Seating. Whether you’re furnishing a bustling casino or creating a stylish home game room, our discounts ensure that comfort and sophistication come at an unparalleled value.

Contact us today to discuss your grand gaming vision, and let us tailor an offer that suits the scale of your project. Because at Dallas Custom Poker Tables, we’re not just crafting furniture; we’re creating partnerships for an extraordinary gaming journey. Upgrade your space, unlock exclusive savings, and script a poker story where luxury meets affordability.