Buying Guide for Choosing a Custom Poker Table From an Online Store

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Are you considering upgrading to a custom poker table? When shopping online, the options can be overwhelming and it can be challenging to make the right decision! Follow this buying guide and if you have any questions, contact Dallas Custom Poker Tables.

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When you start considering a custom poker table, begin with your budget. There is a poker table for every budget, but know that if you want to feel like you’ve stepped into a casino poker room, you’ll need to budget for it! Think about the type of table you want, do some research, and create a budget that will work for you.

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Quality And Build

When it comes to build, you have many different features you can choose from, including woodwork, craftsmanship, cup holders, high-quality felt, and more. Durability is also always a factor in choosing your table. After all, you don’t want to invest in a table that can’t stand the test of time! You want your table to be as solid as possible, keeping cards and chips where they belong.

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Felt And Rail

When it comes to a custom poker table, you have a wide range of options for felts. The felt is a vital part of the table, and your cards need to glide smoothly across the surface. Lower-end tables often feature the traditional green felt, but a higher-end custom poker table can have whatever color you like, such as blue, red, black. We also often custom graphics, lettering, and designs for your table.

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Foldable Options

If you have limited space, you may want to consider a folding poker table. We’ve created beautiful folding tables for customers who want the look and feel of a custom poker table but don’t have a room they can devote entirely to the game. Simply fold down the legs and store away after game night.

Get The Poker Table You’ve Been Dreaming Of

When it comes to buying a poker table, there are so many options for you to choose from! Add all the bells and whistles or choose something more streamlined — whatever you’re looking for, we can make it happen. Contact Dallas Custom Poker Tables today to get started.

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